Whether you're out at the observatory or in your backyard, these resources will help you get to know the night sky.

Indiana weather conditions

Clear Sky Chart
The chart above shows what weather conditions are like in Fort Wayne. Each column represents an hour, and the deeper blue the squares are, the better observing conditions will be. 

Sunrise and Sunset in Fort Wayne

Clouds - visible

Midwest IR GOES Satellite


Astronomy clubs of Indiana

Calumet Astronomical Society - Griffith, IN
Evansville Astronomical Society - Evansville, IN
Indiana Astronomical Society - Indianapolis, IN
Michiana Astronomical Society - South Bend, IN
Muncie Astronomy Club - Muncie IN
Apollo Rendezvous - Miami Valley Astronomical Society

Astronomy Club Networks

Astronomical League
Night Sky Network

Astronomy links

Astronomy Picture of the Day


International Dark-Sky Association

A free, open-source planetarium for your computer.


Stargazing tools

Backyard Astronomy Basics

Star Charts

Heavens Above
Satellite tracking



For kids

Boy Scouts Astronomy Merit Badge


Sixty Symbols
60 short videos on symbols used in science and astronomy by the University of Nottinham.

Khan Academy
Around 90 10-minute videos on Cosmology and Astronomy.