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Fort Wayne Astronomical Society, General Meeting Tuesday, March 21 , 7:30pm, Aboite Township Community Room,
11321 Aboite Center Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46814,
Program: Star Hoppingto a Dozen Targets - Why Bother, by Dick Evans.
March Night Sky: For the first half of the month, Mars and Venus are low in the west after sunset. During the final week of
March, Mercury takes the place of sinking Venus. In the late evening, watch for Jupiter rising in the East. Saturn appears in
the Southeast in the predawn hours. Saturday the 25th is the time for the Messier Marathon, always a day near the vernal
equinox and new moon when most if not all of the 110 deep sky fuzzies can be seen in one night. Members are invited to
bring your telescope to the Observatory and run the marathon the 25th. Full Moon is the 12th, New Moon the 27th.