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Fort Wayne Astronomical Society, General Meeting Tuesday, July 18 , 7:30pm, Star*Quest Observatory,
1730 S. Webster Rd, New Haven, IN 46774.
Program: Placing Humans on Mars, by Jon Thomas.
Saturday Night Stargazingat Jefferson Township Park every clear Saturday night starting 1 hour after sunset and
continuing for 2 hours. April through November.
July Night Sky: Jupiter remains a conspicuous low object above the south-western horizon before sunset as it continues its
eastward motion through the constellation Virgo. Saturn starts rising progressively earlier as the month wears on and is the
brightest object low above the southern horizon. Look for Mercury low above the western horizon just after sunset during
the last days of July. Venus dominates the pre-dawn sky during July, shining at magnitude -4.0 for almost the entire month.
9th is full Moon and known as the Full Buck Moon. New Moon: 23rd. Look for the summer triangle: Vega, Altair and Deneb.